We are a grass root social enterprise initiative founded by Akuwa Derick a project manager of Flock of Birds Dutch Founded Social Enterprise Organization and a cycling enthusiast with great passion for Sports, biking adventure and exploration. The initiative was founded and started conducting activities in 2014 with a commitment of offering the best and most adventurous bicycle  tours and related services in Uganda with a major focus on creating employment opportunities for the local youth in Uganda through conducting various cycling related services.

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Go free Uganda creates jobs by conducting bicycle tours as well as offering various bicycle related services like;- bicycle hires, bicycle repairs and maintenance, Bicycle tuning and we hope to launch a number of various bicycle related services and projects to create more local job opportunities for the majority youth while popularizing and advocating for safe cycling culture in Uganda and beyond.

At Go Free Uganda we work with local youth most of whom worked as roadside bicycle fixies however with all the major ongoing development changes in the Capital city Kampala and other regions in the country many end up being kicked off their location of operation or keep at the roadside with no hope or structured vision to make it better in life since many luck support and guidance, We work hand in hand with the local youth to coach and teach them work skills on how to deliver high quality customer focused service during the tours and during the delivery of other services to ensure success and individual personal growth.  Explore our site and learn more about our various projects and programs


Our Vision 

Our vision is create employment opportunities for the local majority youth through conducting bicycle tours and other service based activities which will enable the engaged youth to upgrade their social economy and can thus uplift themselves, families and their communities out of chronic poverty.

Uganda having the youngest population in the world standing at 77% of its population being under 30 and a total estimate population of 41,270,834  and an unemployment rate of 3.80%  according to Trading Economics unemployment Indicator, there is a huge need and demand for alternative employment or working opportunities for the local youth. At Go Free Uganda we nurture personal development skills that match the existing service demand on the local and global market.

Our Mission 

We aspire to thrive by  combining individual personal growth through learning while working and earning to meet the immediate major challenge of youth unemployment in Uganda.

At GoFree Uganda we work with local youth from different walks of lives and we offer equal working opportunity to all the unemployed youth. We hope to add on training of job-specific skills, additional coaching, support and education for further personal development.


Cycle for the marginalized 

GoFree trains locals from less fortunate backgrounds into professional and reliable tour guides, bike mechanics, and other professional jobs, giving them an opportunity to find a way out of chronic poverty with a professional career and a fair pay.

Why GoFree!

We try to fit in as many experiences as we possibly can into each bicycle tour or service so as to provide you with the best memorable and adventurous cycling experience while in Uganda and  keeping the price affordable under flexible conditions.

Cycling for a cause” To Create employment and economic empowerment through cycling

“Its worth it!,Lets Ride”


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Looking forward to see you at  GoFree Uganda!


Derick Akuwa

Founder/Creative Director, Trainer and Tourguide @GoFree Uganda