Bicycle Hire & Repair

Go Free Uganda Bicycle Hire & Repair offers you the possibility to hire one or more of our well maintained bicycles so you can take a spin by your own self wherever and whenever you wish, at your own pace, we also conduct bicycle repairs for those with their own bikes with a possibility of on location bike repair, maintenance and Tuning under flexible conditions. We facilitate for the bike and accessories  and make it possible. Go Free in Kampala or rather Uganda and hire our awesome bicycles, you are just a phone call or email away.  Enjoy the ride!

You got it in You just dare to go Free and discover your bike world. #TheGoFreeTeam

Cycling for a Cause

Our bikes

 Mr. Precision

PRECISIONPicky as he is, mr. Precision carefully chooses its rider. Once he has chosen you, he takes you anywhere. Whether it be on- or off road, mr. Precision takes it all. With its great gears he assures you a smooth ride. Mr. Precision:

“Not for the weak of soul”

Madáme Peugeot

Bike hire KampalaKnowing she’s pretty and good, Madáme Peugeot is a bit arrogant. Being a bike though this has a great advantage: she’ll always aim to prove she’s the best choice, no matter the road’s quality. Madáme Peugeot:

“High profile tires, shock absorbers, great gears. After riding me you’ll never want somebike else.”

Mister Slugger

bike rental Kampala

Mister Slugger is the handyman of all. He knows how to deal with all types of roads. He’s a busy bike, but once he has time for you, he will give you the time of your life. Mr. Slugger:

“let’s ride!” 

Miss Huffy


With her high profile tires, great gears and shock absorbers the tough miss Huffy will blow you away on the roughest paths. Huffy:

“I am unstoppable”

Red speedy


Red Speedy is famous for its speed on the road. Overtaking all the engined sissies, he is the fear of all traffic users of Kampala. Red Speedy:

“Let me take you overtake them”

Monsieur Renault


With great pride Monsieur Renault will show himself on the road. With his roots in the country of the Tour the France, he will never dissapoint you in showing you how to tour in Kampala. Monsieur Renault:

“Try my special features and enjoy my ride!”

Mister Giant Grey

bike hire KampalaAlthough he might seem a bit shy to you, his true spirit will come to the surface when ‘on stage’. Mr. Giant Grey always aims to make you feel there is no worry in the world, no matter how busy the road. Mr. Giant Grey:

“what else should I say?”

Mr. Fujimr Fuji

Fast and light is good. And well, if you think fast, mr. Fuji has great gears that will blow you away. Made of aluminium, mr. Fuji is pretty light. So what about we cut the chit chat, hire mr. Fuji and ride away! Mr. Fuji:

“Catch me if you can as we ride away”


Here are the facts of bicycle hires:

The repair, Maintenance,Tuning cost depends on the scale of repair and requirements for desired standards.


Bike Hire rate per day


35.000 UGX

Bike repair, Maintenance, tuning

Any problems with your own bike? No problem, just contact us on the details below!


Recommended if you rarely use your bike and just want it ready for a spin.
The service includes:

  • Ordinary cleaning of the bike
  • Damage inspection: Frame, sprockets, brakes, cables, tires
  • Tightening of all bolts and adjustment of all cables, mechanisms and brake pads
  • Lubrication of chain and cables

Price: Provided after bike inspection
Parts are not included in this price. If parts are needed and replaced during the service, client will be charged for the extra bike part required.










Recommended annual service or after a long ride
Basic service plus

  • Thorough cleaning and tuning of bike requiring removal of components, wheels, cables, etc.
  • Cleaning and greasing of all headset bearings, gears and bottom bracket
  • New cabling

Parts are not included in this price. If parts are needed and replaced during the service, client will be charged for the price of the part and no extra service charges.
Price: after inspection




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