GoFree offers several bicycle tours in Uganda for you to choose from. From the City Tour for the city lovers amongst us to the Fitness Tour and the Hills Tour for the couragest amongst us and the Overland Bicycle Tour for the adventurous ones. Check out the tours and choose the one that suits you best!


Nbicycle tours UgandaEW! Overland Bicycle Tour

Thinking about the perfect get away or mind refresher from the noisy, busy Kampala? Then the Go Free Overland Bicycle Tour is exactly what you need! Read more






bicycle tours UgandaNight Tour Kampala.

Kampala  has a beautiful undiscovered night scenery and with  GoFree bicycle night tour we take you around the exciting city areas with amazing view points of the Kampala night lights as we offer you the best adventurous night cycle experience in Uganda. Read more





bicycle tours UgandaFitness Tours. 

Wanna work it out?  This tour is designed to offer you a fitness workout plan which incorporates cycling and taking periodic breaks where you will be guided by a skilled trainer through a proper planned and fun workout routine. Read more




bicycle tours UgandaCity Tour Kampala

Kampala has an interesting and exciting city life that can be fully experienced during the day time. With this tour package, we offer you the utmost Kampala city Centre experience as we focus on offering you a well guided cycle around the busy and interesting peaks of the Kampala city. Read more





Hill tour photoHills Tour Kampala. 

Kampala seats on several hills and with this tour we take you through a number of  breath taking exciting cycling routes that cover a number of hills like Kololo hill, Naguru hill, Nakasero hill and others, while you enjoy the scenery from the top of the various hills. Read more







7senses, slum, Kampala, action research, street angelsSlum Fundraising Bicycle Tour. 

There’s a great Slum Festival coming up of which you can be supporting partner by joining this Fundraising Tour! Grassroot organisation Street Angels Uganda raises funds for their Slum Festival aiming to increase social empowerment in the slums of Kampala. Go Free and be part of it! Read more




Fietstocht Kampala 007Build-Your-Own Tour Kampala. 

Truth to be told, we all at some point prefer or enjoy to see and do different things and its for that reason that we offer you this tour option. Where you put your interests and feelings to work by choosing particular sites of interest literally we offer you the steering wheel of the bike to decide what, where and in which order of preference to excute the tour with guidance of the GoFree site list provided. Read more







IMG_2253Viewpoints Tour Kampala

This tour is designed to offer view lover the best and exciting Cycling adventure where one can relax, rewind, enjoy and admire the beautiful views that cover several areas of Kampala and Uganda at large. Read more