Build Your Own Tour of Kampala

Truth to be told, we all at some point prefer or enjoy to see and do different things and its for that reason that we offer you this tour option. Where you put your interests and feelings to work as You Build Your Own Tour in Kampala by choosing particular sites of interest literally we offer you the steering wheel of the bike to decide what, where in which order of-course with guidance of some of the Go Free site list provided below.

Had a great ride! You really feel like you have conquered the city when you end up on the hill over viewing the buildings and site seeing you have passed from a far distance

Kampala Site Options

1. Gadaffi Mosque, Old Kampala

View Kampala from the top of its mosque minaret. The mosque itself is also an impressive building and tourists are allowed to walk around it at will (even taking photos). Built by former Libyan leader Colonel Gadaffi. It is Kampala’s largest mosque. Women are given a headscarf and sarong to cover up and then taken around by a mosque site guide.

2. Kabaka’s Palace and Idi Amin’s Torture Chambers

This is the historic seat of the Bugandan king, located on Mengo hill exactly one mile up from the Buganda parliament. While you can’t go in the palace itself you can get a guided tour around the torture chambers which offers some important insight into Uganda`s historic time under Amin with authentic messages of desperation written on the walls in human excrement and blood remain to tell the tale.

3. Ba’hai Temple

Found on Kikaya Hill off the Gayaza road this is the only one of its kind on the African continent and definitely worth a visit. Located out of town along the northern bypass it also boasts the best green space in the whole of Kampala, with extensive grounds, that if you’re not of a spiritual persuasion are a perfect picnic spot and place to spend a chilled out day. If you are of a spiritual nature or just curious about the Bah’ai faith

4. Namirembe Catherdral

This is one of the main cathedrals with a great view across Kampala. It is can be regarded as one of the most beautiful of Kampala’s Christian cathedrals and Kampala city view points.

5. Nakasero Market

Located in the heart of Capital City,The market sells mostly fresh produces of Uganda by the local farmers and producers , A wide range of fruits,vegetables and all sorts of produces can be found in this particular market. Endeavor to carry some a bit of shopping money as there is always a fresh fruit of your choice to reward yourself with.

6. Lake Victoria

Being the second largest freshwater lake in the world and a great spot to always catch a fresh fried Tilapia by the lake side is one of the must enjoy sites for its rewarding and worth the visit.

7. Craft Markets

The Bugnada road craft markets offer some good options for souvenirs and is open 7 days a week. It has a good selection of artwork, jewelry, wooden and stone sculptures as well as well as an average amount of African fabrics.

8. The Uganda National Museum

Found on Kira road it is the biggest and oldest museum in Kampala.showcasing Uganda’s cultural heritage with displays of ethnological and natural-historical exhibits.

9. Rubaga Cathdral

Another Cathedral but this one is of the Catholic persuasion. Again this cathedral is located on one of Kampala’s many hills so views are great. Kampala is fabled to have 7 hills. It in fact has 22 but Rubaga is one of the original ones and, therefore, worth a visit for historical reasons. The cathedral also boasts a memorial to the first African Catholic bishop in Uganda martyred for the cause of bringing Catholicism to Uganda and is the current headquarters of the Catholic Church in Uganda.