You want to work it out? GoFree Fitness tours are designed to offer you a fitness workout plan which incorporates cycling, periodic breaks and fun fitness exercises. You choose either to stay in Kampala or go long-distance outside Kampala.

About GoFree Uganda's Fitness Tours

You will be guided by Uganda’s hockey player of the year since 2008: Akuwa Derick. In a personal conversation he will assess your physical condition and determine your level. Based on your level he will develop a bike & fitness tour for you!

Note: If fitness levels within groups differ too much, groups will be divided up.

Here are the facts for fitness tours inside Kampala:

Duration 3-4 hours**
Starting time 10 AM (prefer a different starting time? Let us know!)
Starting point Lugogo indoor stadium, opposite Lugogo Mall.
When optional
Price for 1 person 120.000 UGX
Price for 3 or more people 100.000 UGX pp
**Depending on pace, level of fitness and how many  stops you would like to make.
"Quite a great challenge!"
Fitness Tour rider

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