Bike T-Shirts

At GoFree we sell some cool bike T-shirts. Check them out here and choose your favorite GoFree shirt!

Bike t-shirt

“Bikesexual. I’ll ride just about anything”

For all those out there that fancy riding and would ride anything that moves.

Price: 35.000 UGX.









Bike t-shirt“Nice people ride bicycles” 

Being nice is not a prerequisition for riding but riding is, for then you are really nice.

Price: 35.000 UGX








Bike t-shirt


For all those out there who believe in two-wheelers and have fun riding them.

Price: 35.000 UGX










Bike t-shirt


For every story there is two sides and this is the backside of the bikestory of every GoFree t-shirt.

Price: no additional costs 😉










Bike t-shirt“Colors are brighter when the mind is open”

There are various t-shirt colors ranging from green, purple, orange, blue, white, grey and many more. So feel free to GoChoose your favorite t-shirt color and size.

Price: 35.000 UGX