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Kampala Bike Tour

Enjoy the city of Kampala on a bike! You got it in you to make a statement and discover your bike world only if you dare to Go Free! Join the City Bike Tour as we show you the way around the hidden peaks and sites of the Rolex City,Some wear them and for us we eat them #Rolex!


About the Tour

Kampala has an interesting and exciting city life that can be fully experienced during the day time. With this Tour package, we offer you the utmost Kampala City Center experience as we focus on offering you a well guided cycle around the busy and interesting peaks of the Kampala city. 

Tour details:-

Tour Fee:150,000 Ugx
Starting time: 10-am (Flexible in case you prefer a different starting time)
Starting point: Tirupati mazima mall
Ggaba road, Kampala opposite Le château brasserie belge
What we Provide in the price
  1. Bike to ride with its accessories (pair of cycling gloves and helmet)
  2. Local Lunch or Rolex at one of our best preferred Rolex spots in one of the suburbs of Kampala(The Choice is yours)
  3. Water and refreshments during the ride
  4. Tour guide and Bike mechanic 
  5. A great biking adventure experience while we navigate and share with you our knowledge of Kla City
What we advise you to bring 
  • Sunscreen (it gets hot some times 🙂 )
  • Wear comfortable outfit for cycling(It does not have to be a pro outfit)
  • Carry sunglasses for the dust or just the sun
  • A camera for taking pics whenever you wish or like (we guide and you set the pace)
  • Any other relevant personal necessity that you might need  


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